The Campaign for Primary Accountability is a non-partisan political action committee. Our goal is to bring true competition to our electoral process, to give voters real information about their choices, and to restore fair, not fixed, elections.

The Campaign for Primary Accountability makes independent expenditures to give voters the facts they need to make informed decisions and level the playing field for challengers in Congressional primary elections. We work in districts dominated by one party, where the winner of the primary will cruise to victory in the general election.

Incumbents usually have a “message monopoly” during primaries. They can raise more money, mostly from lobbyists and special interests, and have the institutional support of the party establishment. They use their advantages to discourage primary challengers and prevent multi-candidate elections from taking place.

The Campaign for Primary Accountability encourages challengers so voters will have a real choice in real elections.

In the 2012 election cycle, the Campaign for Primary Accountability motivated more voters to cast a ballot in their Congressional primary, and successfully helped several challengers in Democratic and Republican primaries replace entrenched incumbents. The challengers span the political spectrum and are bringing fresh blood and new ideas to Congress.

The Campaign for Primary Accountability is dedicated to increasing the number of competitive, multi-candidate primary elections so citizens can hold members of Congress accountable. We want to see a Congress that answers to the people on Main Street rather than the lobbyists on K Street.