The Campaign for Primary Accountability promotes greater participation in Congressional primaries.

The Goal

Reconnect Voters with the people they vote for. If you want your voice to be heard, you have to speak up in the primary elections.

The challenge is people are ignoring the primaries and incumbents keep their position which can lead to special interest groups.

This isn’t about liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican party but merely to get the best candidate.

In addition to campaigning for primary accountability, we are working to bring awareness to other hot topics in the country like the status of hard money lending for real estate and the decline of accountability among news organizations.

Digital Marketing Movements

With the expansion of digital marketing, online marketers are urged to stop with fake reviews and using photoshopped income reports in order to sell more products.   The movement began from Think Tank Lab and their marketing team for putting out real reviews along with tactics that give businesses tools to generate leads and increase conversions.

Lead generation is one of the most desired positions especially considering the time frame we’re in.  Local businesses, ecom, and even political figures rely on digital marketing to get their messages out, build a following, and sell more products and services.  The best focus solely on getting leadflow and converting those leads into paying customers.

The Call For Accountability Among Health Related, Over the Counter Supplementation

As the FDA has taken steps in the right direction for stricter guidelines on peptides and what’s known as Sarms, currently legal steroids and HGH supplements that promise a more youthful appearance, energy, and the fountain of youth.  Most of these products have serious side effects and should come with stricter regulations.  Sign the bill for tougher actions on these over the counter supplementation.


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